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CEO Greeting

First of all, on behalf of Laiwu Jinding Electronics Co., Ltd. I want to express my heartfelt thanks to every leaders at all levels, all the friends and customers who always care and support the development of our company over the years , and said cordial to the masses of workers and their families who work together over the years with Jinding Electronic Material Co., Ltd .I would like to thank you for your concern, encouragement, support and help for our cause!

Era creates opportunities, opportunities lies in grasping. Now the company has developed into the most powerful manufacturing company and the vanguard in the FCCL industry ,which professionally researches and products flexible copper clad laminate (FCCL) in Shandong province and Bohai Bay Economic Zone, and it also becomes the bright younger generation nationwide and the backbone enterprise of the Ultrathin FCCL. The development of our company’s future will lay the foundation in Laiwu Gangchen district ,and fully utilize the local resource advantages of its labors, lands and capitals, and take the strategy of concentration. And we are committed to establish our company as a well-known research and production places nationwide which manufacturing the FCCL. We made the start from our company’s administration system, technology innovation, shareholder structure, personnel cultivation, culture construction, and make our company become a real true modern high-tech corporation featuring socialized brand internationalization, talent specialization, industry science and technology, cultural localization.

Looking the future, Golding electronic material will continue to fully take participate in the development process in china’s electric industry, to cooperate with the Chinese government’s industrial policy, for providing high quality products to china and the global market, and make mutual progress with the rapidly developing china’s electric information industry. And make our contribution to the industry and the development of our society.

Walking past yesterday’s hesitation, hoping for tomorrow’s glory. Under the philosophy “flourishing trees come from deep roots, quality casts the future”. Our company will take compatible and broad mind, with strong scientific research strength, and “specialized, refined, unique, new, excellent”products, walking through all difficulties with big strides toward a better tomorrow.

Our company would be so glad to warmly welcome every person of noble aspirations, joining together and drawing grand!

At present, the company can provide optical materials series, soft plate material series, heat radiation materials series and other specifications, models of products.

The world's only one with coating, laminating, sputtering three kinds of production process enterprises.

Jinding will build a high-tech enterprise of electronic materials industry leading technology, excellent products, striving for Asia and the world first-class brand, with independent R & D and production of Chinese electronic materials for global customers.

For the global customers to provide independent research and development of China's production of electronic materials

Provide customers with reliable, high-quality and high-performance products

Is a specialized in the flexible copper clad laminate (FCCL), non - adhesive copper, conductive film, ITO film research and development, production and sale of state-level high-tech enterprises

R & D center in Japan, has a first-class professional Transnational R & D team and independent intellectual property rights